Do the Ride Thing: A guide to responsible mountain biking in Scotland

With restrictions easing on Friday 16th April and the Tweed Valley braced for a huge influx of visiting bikers excited to get back out on the trails BVT thought it was as good a time as any to remind bikers of the need for responsible mountain biking and for fostering good relations with other users in our beautiful Scottish countryside.

Bike Valley Trails website feature some important information from “Do the Ride thing” – a guide to responsible mountain biking in Scotland. Taking key points from the Scottish Outdoor Access Code relating to mountain biking, the guide put together by DMBinS (Developing mountain biking in Scotland) aims to help you understand the essentials of responsible and safe mountain biking.  The full document is well worth a read.

The guide is based around the three principles of: 



  • Plan your ride/day – think about where you are going, what you might come across and do you have a plan B? 
  • Have you packed what you need?  Food & water, toolkit, spare inner-tube, extra clothing, map, mobile phone, first aid kit. Have you checked the weather?
  • Is your bike in good working order and can you carry out basic repairs if required out on the trail?
  • Have you a ‘late-back’ plan – does anyone know where you are going and what time you are expected back?


  • Be ready to give way to walkers & horse riders
  • Let others know you’re coming as early as possible
  • Share a friendly greeting with those you meet along the way
  • Think about land management: we share the outdoors with those who live and work there
  • Safety signs and trail diversions are there to keep you safe, please respect them.


  • Think about the trail conditions – will there be damage if you ride it during wet weather?
  • Enjoy the trails and leave as you find them (take your litter home with you)
  • How are your first aid and navigation skills?
  • Ride within your limits – others may need to pick up the pieces
  • Take care of others in your group

To download the brief guide to Do the Ride Thing :